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Raphi is hardworking, loving and dedicated father to his three young children, and he has always been very involved and active in their lives. Sadly he was dragged from Canada to the United States and forced to litigate his and his children's basic rights in the New York and US Federal Court systems. Thankfully he is slowly making progress despite a massive disparity in resources and in the face of unrelenting and vicious lies. To date, well-over $355,000 USD has been spent to try (unsuccessfully) to deprive the children of their father, and hold Raphi hostage to this process.

Now, Raphi is being threatened with a fraudulent public defamation campaign managed by Instagram influencer Yael Abramson Braun and corrupt rabbis Shlomo Weissmann and Mordechai Willig, claiming, falsely, that Raphi is violating halacha and should be excommunicated. See More

Raphi would like to take this site down, and has asked Adeena not to make a public spectacle out of a difficult private situation. Raphi made enormous sacrifices for Adeena throughout the marriage and was always supportive and dedicated to her. Raphi has made numerous attempts, through various mediators, rabbis, friends and others, to work out an amicable settlement. Raphi and Adeena brought three children into the world, and it is not acceptable that the children should see their parents divorce be exploited on social media. Raphi has no choice but to defend himself, but if Adeena agrees to keep this a private matter, Raphi will immediately take this site down.

Agunah Fraud

"Agunah Fraud" refers to a deceptive practice where a woman falsely presents herself as an Agunah. An Agunah is a woman whose husband is missing or refuses to grant her a halachically-mandated divorce, known as a "Gett". In this scenario, the woman fabricates her status as an Agunah despite knowing the whereabouts of her husband and his willingness to participate in divorce proceedings. The fraudulent portrayal aims to disparage her husband's reputation and coerce financial or other concessions from him. This deceitful behavior exploits the sensitive nature of the Agunah issue within certain religious communities, potentially causing emotional distress and legal complications for the husband. Learn more about AF in this case


Agunahausen-by-Proxy, also referred to as Factitious Agunahood Imposed Knavishly on Another (FAIKA), is a mental health disorder in which a mother presents her daughter as an "Agunah" to her friends, family and community. The behaviour is generally motivated by a mother-in-law seeking to vilify her son-in-law, elicit sympathy and attention and to generate revenue through crownfunding and community charities. Learn more about AbP/FAIKA in this case

Help Stop Custody Abuse in Our Community

Custody Abuse refers to a situation where children are weaponized and used a means to abuse one or both of their parents. In many cases, this is manifested by one parent using loopholes in the legal system to deprive the children from their other parent. In some jurisdictions, like New York and other US states, custody abuse is rampant because of the ease and lack of repercussions for making false allegations against a father, and because financial resources play such a critical role in the outcome of a case.

According to rabbis and community leaders, the rates of custody abuse in the Jewish community is far higher than in the general population, yet little is being done to combat it, despite the devastating effect on the children, the affected parent and on the extended family.

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